About Us

Spread Delights are crafted by International Delights, the leading fresh-baked goods supplier to the New York Metro area for croissants, danishes, scones, muffins and other favorites. Our state of the art bakery is located in Clifton, NJ.

Our Philosophy

We believe the perfect pastry speaks for itself. But what goes into making it is not always so obvious: Passion. Precision. Standards. Inspiration. Craftsmanship. Technology. Even obsession. Some of the most important ingredients can’t be measured, but they’re what have made us the leading fresh-baked supplier in the New York area. We bring this same spirit into our full line of spreads.

A Bakery Making Spreads?
What started with an obsession to create the perfect filling from scratch to bake into our premium pastries, eventually led to a relentless pursuit for the ultimate complement to spread on our pastries and other snacks. Spread Delights Chocolate, Nut & Fruit spreads. To learn more about International Delights, our brands and our products, visit www.intdelights.com.

Retailers & Distributors

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